Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aluminium Can Sculptures

The Canstruction Organization

It is real amazing how many things you can sculpt out of an every-day drinking can. Surfing on the Internet I found dragons, butterflies, cars, snakes, birds, deer, and anything the mind can possibly imagine that were made out of aluminium can! It did take awhile for me to find one specific artists how crafted sculptures such as these, but I feel that this organization called, "Canstruction" really does a fantastic job creating life-like or even the most random pieces of art! The interesting thing about this group is that every piece of art they do, they cans are full. They actually donate there pieces of food/art to needy shelters! What I like about this piece is that, to me, it represents love and family. Not only is the art portion of it wonderful but it also sends a message!

C├ędric le Borgne 

This is an iron sculpture built by and European artist. I really like this hanging sculpture because its so simple, yet very appealing . 

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